Selected Works 



In this ongoing series of 40+ drawings, I continue to explore  how texts combined with images create unexpected meanings. When subjective views are defined as facts, humor results but through this interplay of text and image, I probe our interior worlds in order to stimulate reflection and insights. 


The mind-body problem is still a central issue in the philosophy of mind. Descartes (17th century) was the first Western philosopher to consider the mind separate from the brain (dualism) in contrast to the  oneness of mind and body in Buddhism. I represent the mind here usually as a pulsing life force changing form from one drawing to another..


The concept of mind includes all subjective experience: consciousness, imagination, perception, thinking

judgement, language and memory. 

often present images of anxiety, indecision, fear and confusion. My interest in language, psychology and consciousness continues.





Gold or copper ink on black paper. All 12 x 9 inches.