In this ongoing series of 25+ images called Elsewhere, I present each image as a place unknown. Most images were originally analog photographs of nature from my travels to various parts of the world over many years. I rephotographed and edited the images digitally, often using only a small part of the original. 


The photos may be presented on their own as limited edition archival pigment prints.


They may also be part of a conceptual project in which II continue to play with possibility in order to explore how language can inform or change our perception of images. Each of 25 ambiguous texts may refer to each of 25+ ambiguous images.


On the wall, 25+ images will be presented separately from the 25 texts which will be hand-outs to allow each viewer to combine texts with images on her own. This list will also include the total number of possible combinations of image and text.


This project may also be presented as an artist book with loose sheets in two pouches, one for images and one for texts which the viewer may combine and recombine. On the back inside cover will be the total number of possible combinations of image and text.


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A place where something may be missing but no one knows what it is.

A place where someone may know what   will happen next.

A place where the past may happen over and over.

A place where a crime may have been committed.

A place where someone may have left a  box, the contents of which may be known by only a few.

A place where what is known may also be what is unknown.

A place where something may happen that is seen by no one.

A place where a natural disaster may take. place.

A place where a secret society may have held meetings.

A place where a creature thought to be extinct may have recently been dis-covered. 

A place where everyone's secrets may be known.

A place where fear may shape beliefs.

A place where lies may be believed.




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