In these photo/text works, I ex-plore ambiguity. If 1 image can refer to 25 texts, do we perceive this image differently? Does text limit perception of the image or expand it? Do the ambiguous images and ambiguous texts create a conundrum for the viewer? 


In this series, I continue to play with possibility and explore how language informs or changes our perception of images. Ambiguous texts define images from unknown locations. What is not ambiguous is the total number of possible combinations of images and texts which will accompany this work.

Images on the wall will be shown separately from the texts which will be available on  sheets viewers can take away.

The original photographs, mostly analog, were taken on my travels to many parts of the world over decades. They are mostly of nature. I digitized the photos  and altered them, often using only sections of the original images.


Presented here are some images and texts for Elsewhere.










ELSEWHERE: 25 Images

that may Refer to All 25 Texts


* Inside the cover, 2 pouches, each with loose pages.

*  1 pouch for 25 images in any order.

*  1 pouch for 25 texts in any order. 

*  Each text begins: A place ...

*  Pages may be arranged and rearranged in any order.

*  Inside the back cover, the total number of combinations possible for 25 images.  



A place where something may be missing but no one knows what it is.

A place where someone may may know what happens next.

A place where the past may happen over and over.

A place where the future may have already happened. 

A place that may be known by an unknown knower.


A place where what is known may also be what is unknown.

A place where something may happen that is seen by no one.

A place where what was dreamt may be real.

A place where the past happens over and over.

A place where what has happened may not have happened.

A place where everyone's secrets may be known.

A place where fear may shape beliefs.

A place where lies may be believed.