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S O M E   F A C T S A B O U T  

F E A R  2 0 1 7

4 0  w o r k s  o n  p a p e r 

The original series of drawings, Some Facts About Fear, was created in 1980 and destroyed in a flood. The series was inspired  by philosopher Soren Kierkegaard who played with words to present contradictions and paradoxes inherent in the human condition that reveal us to ourselves in unexpected ways. 


Fear is subjective but I define it as an objective state that lives outside the viewer. Objective views of subjective states create paradoxes with more than a hint of humor. This work continues to evolve out of my interest in language, psychology, consciousness and spirituality. My intention is to encourage the viewer to reflect upon her own fears and the fears we have in common with others and in the world at large.

Coffee, marker, pencil, mixed media. Each 14" x 10 3/4"


Artist Book: Some Facts About Fear 2017, 47 pages. Edition of 100. Signed + numbered.

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