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One-on-One Creative Writing Workshops and Coaching on Zoom

Stories--flash and long form--,  Memoirs, Novels, and More.
For Beginning, Experienced & Returning Writers

"You have inspired me beyond words! I will have two stories included in  the upcoming micro fiction anthology from W.W. Norton. My dream. I thought you should know as you started me on this journey". 


--Francine Witte, Author of many books, including The Way of the Wind, a flash novella, and Dressed All Wrong for This, flash fiction.

Roberta Allen

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You may be beginning, have a literary project in mind, or have a project in-progress--fiction or nonfiction, including life stories, hybrid and innovative prose. You may learn the fundamentals and/or improve your craft. Or you may need a fresh eye to read a finished work.. 


In my One-on-One workshops, you are free to explore and free to fail--an important part of writing. I will take you one step at a time down your own path. Every writer's path is different. I will help you find the one that is yours. Every class is tailored to your particular needs whether you want to write stories, flash or long form, memoir, novel, or want to experiment with form and language.

Exercises may be used to get your energy going and overcome the fear factor. Discussions and critiques of your revisions as well as suggestions on how to improve your work will be the main part of every session. Published texts relevant to your project may be recommended. Attention will be paid to point of view, voice, setting, dialogue and all the fundamentals with an emphasis on language, structure and rhythm.


When I was a young  artist, I attended many life drawing classes where we often drew the figure in 1, 3, 5 or 10 minute exercises. The shorter the better to get down the essence of the figure in as few strokes as possible without stopping. When I began to teach writing, I found the essence of a story could be created in the same way. Setting a timer, choosing a topic, and writing without stopping released the same energy in writing as it did in drawing. It was not only easy to break through writer's block but, as a method, could be used to write flash stories, short stories, memoirs, novels and more. My method has been used for almost 30 years and by thousands of writers through my books and workshops. 


I am accepting 2 writers / artists / students. If you are interested, please send a writing sample: 3/4-1 page to with your cell so we can get acquainted. Subject line: zoom class. 5 1-hour classes $500. You may also take a 1-hour discounted class for $90. No sample is necessary for beginners. 

"Roberta really tunes in to each writer and almost by osmosis knows what each one wants to say even before the writer does.I actually got the stories from that Intensive revised + published! I was so happy with the Intensive that I joined the longer prose workshop and am now writing a memoir in micro stories.”


--Susan Shaw, Artist &  published writer



"What you taught me over the years was invaluable. Your encouragement and guidance motivated me to keep writing." 


--Larry Silberfein, Creative Director & published short story writer


"Roberta's insightful  feedback has greatly improved my writing."


--Paul Wirhun, Artist

"I never thought I had the talent to write until I had Roberta's guidance and support."


--Lisa Grossman, Life Coach, Writer

"Roberta helped me push through writer's block and tell the stories I wanted to tell. Her classes were invaluable.

--Will Ryman, Artist and Playwright

"Roberta has been an enormous help and inspiration on my novel writing journey. She has helped me make a clear and concise outline so for the 1st time I see the trajectory of the plot. As we work line by line on individual chapters, she is sensitive to the rhythm of the language as it appears in narrative, description and dialogue. Within each scene, she helps me further the plot and development of the characters. It is a pleasure and a privilege to have Roberta as an instructor."

--Stephanie Hart, author of Mirror Mirror, a collection of Memoirs and Stories

A year ago I was a beginning fiction writer. I never imagined that  writing fiction could be so exciting and how much I could learn in a very short time. I am very proud of the few thousand word story I was able to write in a matter of few weeks. Roberta's enthusiasm and guidance through the entire project spurred me on, inspired me from the first exercises to her comments, our discussions and her critiques on each draft, Roberta was insightful and inspiring. A year later, we are still working together.


-- Britt Ciampa, Visual Effects Artist and musician

"You are always insightful and most perceptive commenting on all students' work which gives me the confidence to explore without fear."


--Marilise Trotto, Actor

"Roberta's simple techniques and exercises quiet the mind allowing the writer to focus on fresh work. Her workshop inspired me to write micro fictions, a genre I had been attempting. I came away with ten micro fictions and a new confidence in the freshness of immediacy."


--Judyth Emanuel, author of the novel, Yeh Hell Ow

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The Original Guide to Writing Flash Fiction 

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