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T e s t i m o n i a l s 

When I finish reading a story in Roberta’s class, she cuts right to the core of what I’ve written, and then, line-by-line, shows me what works and what doesn’t. Her clear suggestions always improve my stories.”

--Larry Silberfein, Creative Director​

"Roberta's class has reacquainted me with why I love writing. The open, lively discussions she encourages have inspired me to a degree that I haven't experienced for a long time."
--Louise Geller, Chef

“I was able to write my Ph.D. but afterwards I became almost phobic about writing. Within a week of working with Roberta, I was writing. She was funny, direct, compassionate, cajoling and absolutely tenacious about my being able to write. Her techniques worked and worked quickly. I’ve written more in 2 weeks than I have in 2 decades--with no sweat, anxiety, tension headache or avoidance despair.”

--Suzanne McMurphy, Ph.D

"Recently, I found one of your books, and was reminded of what an inspiring teacher you were 17 years ago when I was in one of your early private classes. Your ability to see through to the essence and your encouragement helped me find my voice. “

--John Alfieri, Screenwriter​

"Roberta's suggestions are sharp, eye-opening, right on the mark.
--Kathy Frey, Artist

"Roberta pushed me into expanding my work and my vision. I couldn't ask for a more gifted and spirited teacher and mentor."
--Roz Liebowitz, Artist

After taking Roberta’s suggestions, my novel felt like a much easier project to tackle.”

--Catherine Tudor, Editor and Webmaster

"As a writer, Roberta's class excites me because I get detailed, thoughtful criticism that inspires me to go home and write and revise.”

--Patricia Hawkins, Writer

“Roberta’s classes opened my eyes to the fact that I am a writer. I didn’t have that confidence in myself and my abilities until I worked with her.”

--Amy Calmann, NYU Grad Student

“Since I found Roberta, I am revising my memoir and loving it.”
--Ann Capozzoli, Retired

“Roberta has the qualities of a great teacher--generosity, enthusiasm, insight, and encouragement. I feel fortunate to be working with her.”
--Jane Simon, Psychiatrist


"Roberta's innovative kick starts push all students --even tentative ones-- into new and potentially rich territory. I began and completed a book length memoir. I highly recommend her classes."

--Natasha Singh, Published Writer & Teacher

"Thanks to Roberta's class, my writing has improved tremendously. I knew I had a story to tell but it was her encouragement that kept me going."
--Hane Selmani

"It seems incredible that I have actually completed a novel. Roberta provided the motivation and kept my enthusiasm alive for the two years it took. She is a personal trainer, a pal and a compassionate teacher. With all this, she let me write my own book.”

--Don Worden, Retired

"Roberta's insights and guidance help me immeasurably."
--Rosemary Kremer, Retired Accountant

“With Roberta’s help, I’ve structured my musings into a coherent narrative. Always respectful of her writers, her critiques are on target and insightful. She never stifles the original voice or intent of the writer. I enthusiastically recommend Roberta and her workshop.”
--Kathy Roeder, Song- writer

"Roberta's workshop both challenged and comforted me. I explored areas of my writing and myself that I didn't imagine were possible. My writing improved tremendously."
--Ben Browning, Investment Banker

“I had participated in Roberta Allen's workshops for almost four years when I moved to Philadelphia. I was so satisfied with the improvement in my writing that I continued taking the workshop even after I moved. Six years later I am working with her privately by email and phone.”
--Julie Price, Child Care Specialist

“Since our workshop began, I’ve been writing up a storm.”
--Lisa Grossman, Writer

With Roberta's thoughtful and insightful guidance, " we evolve into a group dedicated to helping each other develop and hone our stories."
--Heidi Rain, Writer

"I had such a productive year of writing thanks to Roberta’s support, advice, and encouragement. It's a risk getting up and reading in front of others but I always feel safe when I read in her group."
--Beth Halliday, Librarian

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